” …. and when i’m thundering around the kit in the middle of a solo … there comes a time when i need to take it down to just the high hat and snare.  i have to do this or there’s no where for me to go…. “

cozy powell

hello, welcome to my site, if you’ve not been here before this site covers my practices in art/making and forest school.  forest school is a recent addition and in the time between june 2015 and march/april 2016 i’ve completed the training to become a level 3 forest school leader.   i’ve created a sense of forest school and my practice within it on my forest school page

my art practice began in 2003 and was something i dabbled in while not jetting around the world completing projects for other people.  in 2005 i made a decision to alter what i did and chose a degree to help me cross the bridge into something new.  since graduating i’ve had work shown in london, derby and sweden.  had a residency at nottingham trent university and projects funded by the arts council and the artists information company.  what my critical concerns are remains a bit of a mystery to me so part of my practice through research and process to discover what these are.  what i do know is that in the process of bridging myself from what i did to what i do i became aware of the notion of peak oil and a different attitude to abundant electrical energy.

i use this site to try out ideas, make notes, evidence things i’ve made or enquired into.

i live and work in derbyshire, uk.

” …. nature is wiggly….

everything wiggles.  

the outline of the hills,

the shapes of the trees,

the way the wind brushes the grass….


tracks of streams…..

it all wiggles.”

alan watts

“we all love racing because it’s never predictable”

josh brookes

current things forest school blog

i’ve added the quotes on this page as they represent important ideas for me.  the most recent is by josh brookes.  it comes from an on grid interview before a race in the 2015 british superbike championship. he went on to win the championship.

alan watts described nature as wiggly in the early 1970’s.  it helps me to think about the relationship between me and the natural world around me.  in my art practice i notice that there’s a tendancy towards straight lines as these are easier to resolve that wiggly ones.  in my forest school practice, watt’s quote helps me to talk about how nature does it’s own thing and it’s better to let this happen and trim around the edges.

the final quote from cozy powell was made in a tv show showtime in the 1970’s or 80’s i can’t find any accurate timing of when the programme was made.  the quote sums up my journey since crossing the bridge.  while on that bridge my dsylexia was formally diagnosed.  this proved to be quite  difficult thing to understand as i found myself questioning my earlier life and found it difficult to find answers.  once again the action of research through process has helped me to find some elements that help me to understand and accept i am dsylexic.

“art can be made any where

perhaps seen by few people

or not recognised as art when they do”

richard long.


STEAM powered maker residency blog

view on a n


andrew martyn sugars

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