walking through

this interactive documentary (idoc)  is about experiences of walking through the pandemic.  the experiences are those of a community of contributors.  the project has been orchestrated by andrew martyn sugars.

as 2020 began we didn’t know what was to come because of covid-19.    january carried on as normal.  february we were becoming aware.  by march our lives were different, the virus was going global.

as covid-19 became a pandemic, around the world communities began their lockdowns.

walking through the pandemic is a lens on those early lockdown months, the places we went, the steps we took and the views we saw.

a screencast of the project won the ‘best quarantine story’ category at the august/september 2021 edition of the french based beyond the curve international film festival.


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the project has been gratefully supported by a grant from Arts Council England Emergency Response Fund for individuals.


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