shimmering place

shimmering place is the second tranche of a non linear commission about the derby silk mill as it progresses towards becoming the museum of making at derby silk mill.

filmed in 2017, it takes you through the building to see the varied works taking place.  the time period covered are the months prior to the outcome of the funding bid to upgrade the building.   led by project staff we see the coproduction volunteers working in various locations within the building.  their work included  auditing the assets of the collection.  in the workshop we see examples of the crates being made to box specific larger objects.

within the building itself

we see the ground floor during it opening times including the figment festival.  going beyond the public space, we visit other spaces within the museum building.  these spaces will become fully accessible by museum visitors when fully reopened.

as well as the preparatory works we see some of the work happening within the 3d scanning project.  selected objects from the collection are being scanned and made available to view online.

filmed from a first person pov with binaural sound, the non linear documentary presents a personal account of the activities at the museum between june and september 2017 viewable in a personal manner.


“I found your video interesting & made me explore it.”

“Enjoyed the way I could control what came next.”

“The lift is fab … It really works as you feel like you’re in it”

“Wow, didn’t realise the Museum was that big…”


“i absolutely love it! it really gives a sense of what happens in the mill on a daily basis and how embedded coproduction is in everything we do. i really like the sounds in this version too – it really adds to the sense of how it would be to visit the mill and just catch snatches of what’s going on …”

eilish clohessy
assistant curator of making

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