Marsden Jazz Festival, St Bartholomew’s Church, 08/10/22

Walt Shaw- artwork, percussion, electronics, voice
Laura Cole- poetry, piano, voice
Lara Jones- saxophone, electronics, voice
Faye MacCalman- clarinet, saxophone, electronics, voice
Andrew Martyn Sugars- projections

** due to circumstances out of our control, Charlotte Keefe – trumpet, voice deputises for Lara Jones**

The ‘Pursuance’ project has run over two years, with artist/percussionist Walt Shaw creating paintings inspired by pianist/composer Laura Cole’s poetry, with Laura then reciprocating by writing in response to new paintings created by Walt.

It was a natural development to layer the project further with piano and percussion, and to invite multi-instrumentalists/composers Faye MacCalman and Lara Jones to the project, to realise a multi-disciplinary integration in a live setting.

In conjunction, artist Andrew Martyn Sugars has also created a visual projection of the paintings and texts, as an integral part of this performance.


(text from the accompanying booklet at the performance)



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