… you cannot predict the outcome of human development. All you can do, like a farmer, is create the conditions under which they will begin to flourish.”
― Sir Ken Robinson

i like to work with people.  spoken word masks my neurodivergance.   through an holistic approach i work towards all participants succeeding in the sessions i lead as a facilitator.

images of puppets made in workshop by facilitator andrew martyn sugars

ken robinson is an advocate for experiential holistic learning.  i transfer skills from my forest school practice to create holistic sessions.    for the majority of these i set out the space with a proposition of potential for the participants.  the intention is they lead themselves to their own outcome and experience.

i facilitate in a heritage setting.  here i deliver mostly drop in sessions on the public lifelong learning programme.   the sessions are based upon collections, exhibitions or objects in the museum.

i try to work in such a way that the visitors can work at a pace and level that they decide upon.  i encourage them with a warm welcome, an invitation to make themselves comfortable and to try something.



i practice walks with creative components and  inspired by forest bathing. forest bathing is a japanese practice of health care through guided sessions engaging senses in an outdoor setting.


i do also lead skill based sessions.  in 2017 i experimented with a particular learning method at the derbyshire forest school day to transfer knowledge of how to create a skulk of foxes.


my practice works with a wide age range of participants.  form the under 5’s and their adults, families and older adults.  i’ve worked in a range of settings including a mobile museum and a hospital –  an award winning project at the 2017 east midlands heritage awards.

drawing made by participant in session by facilitator andrew martyn sugars
gravel art image in workshop run by facilitator andrew martyn sugars

the hospital project involved listening to stories and i’ve further developed this by volunteering within the this is normanton project where i received oral history training and made several oral history recordings.


“please could you pass on my gratitude to andrew martyn sugars – he did an incredible job with the interviews, which were a joy to listen to and i found him to be a very thoughtful interviewer.”

angharad jones –  project manager  this is normanton


i’m a qualifed forest school leader

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