liminal tic tac toe

a work presented at the first freefall festival in belper. these were the instructions prior to the festival about liminal tic tac toe.

if you’re planning on popping down and playing with the work yourself, there are four things that i need you to do to be able to connect with the work and interact with it.

  1. download the mrmr app.  it’s available free of charge from the apple app store. the tiny url link to the download page is .                                                                                        if you are on ios 3 or 4 there is a legacy version of the app for your operating system (the legacy version is built to be compatible with devices that are unable to upgrade to the latest versions of iOS)
  2. with the app installed and on site with the work, i need you to connect to the liminal server.  goto your settings > wifi > choose network and choose ” liminal server ” .  once connected go back to the settings page and back to the homepage.
  3. open the mrmr app.  once loaded there will be on screen instructions on how to connect with the server. once connected, the app will receive a set of buttons and sliders that connect with the content on the projection screen.
  4. play. push buttons , enjoy …
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