about me

my multi discipline practice gives me the foundations to explore what it is to be a human being.  as i progress through life i’ve kept an adaption process going as i explore the possibilities what i might be capable of.

currently the practice is leading me more and more towards linking myself with my multiple schema types.  my dsylexia often makes it challenging to write down what i feel inside or how i think of the world.  through what i do i’m working towards a set of conditions in which i can be the best i can be.


i follow a lot of sport – the passion involved of individuals in teams being of interest both personally and professionally.  being the lead within a project placing me at the heart of a common interest – this common goal sets up the process and methodology.

drawing machine - ready
coproduction volunteers working with collections staff auditing items in the collection

being honest with you – writing an about me is challenging because its in the moment of doing / creating / being with people where my passion is.  wether it be as a facilitator or filming on site, the immersion in process and methodology is the thing that lights me up.

as a team we get to stand back and see what we’ve made through this process of co-production.

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