behind time

in late 2017 a new work has begun, the venue is an online domain.  in this post i want to record some of the beginnings of time place space and set out some of the concerns and issues currently being faced within the progress of the work.

the domain began in response to needing somewhere flexible enough to host my non linear film work.  a chance conversation making me realise i needed to make provision for hosting future non linear work as more conversations begin to lead ideas towards non linear film productions.

with the domain came space.

i started to consider this space in terms of displaying work.  i’ve put up images made from code on instagram made in processing and i’d been tempted to play with p5 –  a kind of porting of processing to javascript that natively runs in a browser.


in playing with what to put in the space i have had to face questions posed by the space.  one of questions thats on a returning orbit is “how to move around the space?”  already by writing that question here one reaction has been i don’t need to, everything could be in the same space at the same time, it becomes about access the works.

early on in the ownership of the space i was contacted by someone versed in the traditional use of the space.  he asked me ” are you going to use your space for information or selling things?”  i replied “no.”   he seemed confused by my answer and wanted to transfer me to someone higher.  i asked him not to and we agreed we need not speak of this again.

in having the space i’m having to consider what i want to show in it and how i can get this into the space.  drawing on traditional approaches to navigation i began to look for examples of what i might use.  i was able to quickly put together means i liked the look of and set about trialling some of them.

thoughts turned to making images to place in the space.

conflicts staged to rage about the level of complexity and ideas behind why i wanted to place work in the space.

i knew i wanted time to feature and be part of the works

being playful was another aspect i wanted within the works.

to encourage curiosity another.

to use this blog space to record thoughts and progression in the development of the space.

adaptability –  how the space fits within the browser.

what actually is this work about?  i hope this becomes clearer with the more work i put into making it become something to interact with.  interactivity being another consideration.  what is interactivity in this space ?  how and why do i want the space to be interacted with ?


what early challenges am i facing?  working in the space is a challenge as i’m learning the language of the space.  often my thoughts and ideas run ahead of my ability to communicate them with the space.  this leads to frustration on my part and sets up awkward questions about why am i trying to push myself into this space and do things when i’m actually not that well practiced in the space.  i’m challenging myself to realise ideas while trying to understand the language of the place i’m working.

the space is challenging, the viewer is only able to see into a small window of the full potential of the space.  before writing this i has been struggling to conceptualise this.  now i can accept it a little more easily.

i look forward to my ongoing work in the space.

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