figment – international working

i’d like to work internationally at figment festivals through collaborating with local volunteers.  at figment derby in 2017 i made fun with shapes : an analog drawing machine.  i’d like to work internationally by staying at home.

this post is being made quite soon after figment derby.  i may well edit it to be in line with applications to upcoming figment festivals.  i wonder if i can tour internationally through the collaboration with figment.

the drawing machine has a base covered in paper, a defined space, a dolly carrying the pen and some ropes for control.  i made the dolly from leftover 18mm ply wood and some  skirting board.

i purchased some wheels, drilled some holes and used a pin hinge to join the pieces of wood together.  i can provide making instructions for future collaborations.

at figment derby i used some cardboard and lining paper for the base.  several pieces of  rope were used to create the boundary and the control.


as participants approached i created a narrative for them to connect with.  i invited them to pick a rope and join in.  it was up to the participants how they worked together.  what was unexpected was the laughter generated by the participation.


they drew for as long as they wanted to.  some participants wanted direction and some did not.  those that did i suggested simple shapes for them to make.




edit 17.5.18

i’m proposing that the project be locally coproduced in what ever form the volunteers making it happen want it to become.

i’m describing the project thus:

the participants will see the result of an international collaboration to co-produce a version of an analog drawing machine seen at figment derby. the intention is to provide an open invitation to groups of participants to make marks through working together to move the mark maker. the mark maker might be an object – it might be a person who is guided by the participants ! via rope or voice – i’m loving the thought that each figment event can make your very own version of the analog drawing machine.

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